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BERGFEX: Zonă de schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg - Concediu pentru schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg - Wintersportgebiet Oberberglifte Simmerberg

Zonă de schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg

Oberberglifte Simmerberg

750 - 900m

Planul pistelor Zonă de schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg

Noutăţi Oberberglifte Simmerberg

Ab diesem Winter betreut Sie "Benno" im Kiosk und Aufwärmstüble.

Zonă de schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg

The ski resort Simmerberg with the upper mountain lifts is located on 800 m above sea level in the market town of Weiler-Simmerberg Allgäu. The lifts provide the ideal terrain for beginners and families.

3 lifts offer an ample selection of skiing variation. The kids enjoy their first skiing experience at the Pinocchio Lift.

And who wants to take a break, is hungry or wants to warm up, should come to "Eugene's Snack Stüble" at the base station. Or enjoy the sun on our deck chairs.

Our "fun obstacle course" with jumps, rails and slalom enjoys the small and the great snow enthusiasts the same way.

Weiler-Simmerberg is situated in the middle of the region "Westallgäu" between the Alps and the Lake of Constance. The countryside offers best conditions for nordic skiing with different reqirements. Alpine beginners have good possibilities in our commune.

Contact Zonă de schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg

Zonă de schi Oberberglifte Simmerberg

Skilift Simmerberg GmbH
Riederstr 15, D-88171 Weiler-Simmerberg

+49 (0)8387 2526
Telefon pentru salvamont
+49 (0)8387 2526
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