Zonă de schi Garmisch-Classic

710 - 2.050m
Regiunea de schi Zugspitze Top of Germany
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Planul pistelor Zonă de schi Garmisch-Classic
Valori privind zăpadaAstăzi, 22:00
Astăzi, 22:00
5 cm
2 de la 17
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Timpi de acţionare Iarna

16.12.2022 - 02.04.2023
08:30 - 16:30


12 km (8)
18 km (10)
10 km
40 km


Zwei Neuerungen im Skigebiet Garmisch-Classic

Modernisierung des Zubringers am Kreuzeck
Der Zubringer am Kreuzeck wurde modernisiert: Der alte Seillift wird für die Skisaison 2021/2022 durch einen neuen Zubringer ersetzt, der per Tunnel-Förderband Skigäste die letzten Höhenmeter vor der Hexenkesselabfahrt komfortabel überwinden lässt.

Spielerisch Skifahren lernen: Auf Felix Neureuthers Spuren
Junge Nachwuchsskifahrer kommen voll auf ihre Kosten: Am Hausberg erwartet sie ein ein Kinderland voller abwechslungsreicher Aufgaben rund ums Skifahren. „Ixis Kinderland“ wurde gemeinsam mit dem ehemaligen Skirennfahrer Felix Neureuther entwickelt. Die Figuren aus seinen beliebten Kinderbüchern begleiten die Kids durch alle Stationen. Bestens aufgewärmt mit den „Beweg dich schlau“-Übungen lernen Ski-Zwerge und Wintersporteinsteiger dabei das Pisten-ABC. Ein Zauberteppich und drei Anfängerlifte sorgen für einen bequemen Aufstieg.

Zonă de schi

Combining various mountain landscapes the Classic Area is a true El Dorado for all winter sports enthusiasts.

The area features well-groomed trails for learning and teaching as well as historic, advanced and expert runs: the Kandahar and the Olympia run. Those of you who decided for a trip into the Classic Area, combining Alpspitze, Kreuzeck and Hausberg, will ride on the historic slopes. The Kreuzeck mountain was the birthplace of skiing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Already in 1926 the first winter sports enthusiasts with skis under their feet cavorted at the Hexenkessel under the suspicious eyes of the locals. The area between Hausberg and Kreuzeck earned international fame by the classic world cup runs Kandahar and Olympia. No doubt, it is the Kandahar run which holds the greatest thrill: a vertical drop of 900 meters (2,952 ft.) on a total length of 3,700 meters (12,136 ft.). By the way, the downhill record is less than two minutes.

Sun lovers will appreciate well-groomed slopes within the reach of the Längenfelder lifts and on the Osterfelderkopf. Most skiers will start the day at the summit station of the Alpspitz cable car at an elevation of 2,050 meters (6,724 ft.). From here they start into the spacious slopes of the Osterfelder and the Längenfelder area before changing into the Kreuzeck area at 1,651 meters (5,415 ft.) while enjoying sweeping views from the slopes. The Kreuzeck cable car with its comfortable 15-persons gondolas takes riders directly into this area within only seven minutes. The Hausberg with a summit elevation of 1,340 meters (4,395 ft.) is the destination for teaching and learning. Children and adult beginners can learn the basics of skiing: safe ascent and downhill cruises on three slopes for beginners while the more advanced skiers will take the exciting runs at the Kreuzwankl ski express, Trögel or Olympia lifts. Capable of carrying 2.400 people per hour, the Hausbergbahn ensures that waiting times are a distant memory. From now on it only takes seven minutes to get to the Hausberg skiing area and winter sports enthusiasts will find riding on the new circulating , 8-seater cabin cable car makes skiing down the Dreh and Horn more enjoyable than ever.

Sledding enthusiasts will find ample opportunity to frolic in the snow including night descents and a stop at the Bayernhaus. A total of four cable cars, four chair and ten tow lifts take you into the Classic Area at elevations between 708 and 2,050 meters (2,323 and 6,724 ft.) with skiable slopes of a total length of 40 kilometers (25 miles) and spectacular powder snow slopes. The Zugspitz Area and its various mountain landscapes boast of fabulous snow and a multitude of winter sports activities, both for beginners as well as for experts.

Big fun for little snow bunnies

It's the little guys and girls who call the tune on the slopes of Hausberg in the Garmisch-Classic area. Runs that are perfect for beginners and Kinderland with numerous attractions provide all kinds of fun and let children get to know the fascination of snow by playing.
The beginners' area at an altitude of 1,310 meters (4,300 feet) is popular among families with children. The slopes here are mostly of relaxing easy to medium difficulty. Small fans find ideal terrain in Kinderland near the Hausberg mountain station. A "magic carpet" – a conveyor belt sunk directly into the snow – as well as three T-Bars for beginners float the snow bunnies to the top.

Newly designed “Kinderland” for future downhillers
The Kinderland has been given a whole new look for the 2014/2015 season, with a “pit stop” theme. Various elements such as curves, cones and gates make sure the little “racers” stay on the right track as they practise new techniques and discover the joy of skiing. Parents can watch the progress of their little ones from the comfort of the new spectator stand. Hungry little skiers can look forward to lovingly prepared children’s menus in the Drehmöser 9 ski lodge, only a few metres away.

Important information for parents:
When accompanied by their parents, children under 6 years ski for free.
Children under 6 years that are participating in a ski course will require a valid ticket. The so-called “Kinderlandticket” is available at all Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn ticket offices and includes use of the Hausbergbahn lifts as well as our Kinderland.
The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn offers attractive family tariffs for families with children between 6 and 18 years
The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn has so-called half-day tickets for parents who intend to take turns in caring for their children. Ski passes are not transferable to a third person.

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