The municipality of Rogaška Slatina, encompassing local communities of Rogaška Slatina, Kostrivnica, and Sv. Florijan, is situated in eastern Slovenia. The town of Rogaška Slatina has been the centre of the municipality since 1994. The municipality has a population of more than 11,500, nearly half of which (5,500) live in the town of Rogaška Slatina.

Spaning three valleys and surrounded by hills Boč (980 m), Plešivec (832 m), Donačka gora (883 m) and others, the municipality is situated along two streams, Ratanski and Irski potok, both of which flow into the Ložnica.

Around the spa complex there are alluring slopes just waiting to be climbed: Bellevue, Cvetlični and Tavčarjev hrib, Janina, Rodne, and Tržaški hrib. Vast woodlands give warmth and humidity, so the municipality has a pleasant subpannonian climate with mild winters. Different grape varieties thrive on the slopes up to 500 metres above sea level.


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Rogaška Slatina
Rogaška Slatina

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