BERGFEX: Zonă de schi Ribniško Pohorje - Concediu pentru schi Ribniško Pohorje

Zone de schi Koroška

Zonă de schi Ribniško Pohorje

725 - 921m
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Ribniško Pohorje

725 - 921m

Planul pistelor Zonă de schi Ribniško Pohorje
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Astăzi, 06:04
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Lifturi Ribniško Pohorje


Timpi de acţionare Iarna

09:00 - 16:00

Piste Ribniško Pohorje

0,4 km (1)
1,1 km (1)
0,8 km (1)
2,2 km

Zonă de schi Ribniško Pohorje

Treat yourself to a winter holiday in the holiday resort Ribnisko Pohorje. In the embrace of the idyllic village and the ski slopes, you will experience exceptional adventures on the ski slopes.

Ski slopes are on an altitude between 721 m and 921 m and are particularly friendly to children and to all who pass on their first unforgettable ski turns. There are 2 ski straps, snow ground and 2.2 km of groomed, diverse ski slopes. From the steepest and most challenging black, which are already carried out many FIS games, all the way to the red and blue.

Working hours of the ski area is between 9:00 and 16:00. Every evening you can enjoy in night skiing between 18:00 and 21:00.

Homely atmosphere and spacious apartments, right next to the ski slopes are a relief for children and especially for parents, who may watch their children in the Ski school, from the relaxing, sunny terrace of Bar Smučar.

After the pleasures on the slopes and cold, we have a real relaxation for you. In Wellness Centre Sitar, you can choose between different types of saunas, massages and beauty treatments.

Connect with us:
+386 31 782 908

Informations of the ski slope:

Tel: +386 (0)2 876 53 00
Tel: +386 (0)2 876 51 10

Contact Zonă de schi Ribniško Pohorje

TIC Ribnica na Pohorju
Ribnica na Pohorju 27, SI-2364 Ribnica na Pohorju

+386 2 87 65 300
Telefon pentru salvamont
+386 2 8765300
Pagina de acasă
Trasee montane
Evaluare 4,7
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