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786 - 1.500m
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786 - 1.500m

Faistenau - A paradise for children and adults!

Towered by the Osterhorn mountain range, the picturesque village of Faistenau nestles on a sunny plateau near Lake Hintersee and therefore makes a paradise for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts. The ancient lime tree in the village center adds to Faistenau´s sleepy and romantic character. On the occasion of the famous "Everyman" open-air festival (taking place every three years) the beautiful village is regularly being turned into a large open-air stage.

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Contact Faistenau

Tourismusverband Fuschlseeregion - Ortsbüro Faistenau
Am Lindenplatz 1, A-5324 Faistenau

+43 6226 8384 41
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Localităţi Fuschlsee - Ferienregion
Lacuri Faistenau
Trasee montane Activităţi estivale
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