BERGFEX: Zonă de schi Oberwaldlift Faistenau - Concediu pentru schi Oberwaldlift Faistenau

Zone de schi Salzburg

Zonă de schi Oberwaldlift Faistenau

840 - 980m
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Oberwaldlift Faistenau

840 - 980m

Planul pistelor Zonă de schi Oberwaldlift Faistenau
Valori privind zăpadaIeri, 09:45
Ieri, 09:45
35 cm
35 cm
2 de la 2
Lifturi deschis
Bei Schlechtwetter Montag bis Donnerstag bitte um Telefonische Anfrage der Betriebszeiten! Außerhalb der Freien öffnen wir um 10 Uhr!!!!

Lifturi Oberwaldlift Faistenau


Timpi de acţionare Iarna

27.12.2020 - 15.03.2021
09:00 - 16:00

Piste Oberwaldlift Faistenau

0,4 km (1)
0,4 km (1)
0,4 km (1)
1,2 km
Covid-19 Maßnahmen Oberwaldlift Faistenau
Kontrolliertes Anstellen im Kassabereich
Kontrolliertes Anstellen an Liftanlagen
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Alte informaţii

Noutăţi Oberwaldlift Faistenau

We have from the season 2013/14 anew a floodlight installation!!!
A special highlight is the Nachtschilaufen with floodlight which takes place on Friday from clock on 18.00 - 21.00. Feel like after the work still, on movement a little and fresh air, then, nevertheless, you go past with us on Friday and convince themselves them.
For groups (mind. 10 people) also on other days with advance notification possibly

Zonă de schi Oberwaldlift Faistenau

Oberwaldlift Faistenau*

Ski pleasure - for beginners and experts... Our ski lift lies in Faistenau, directly with the Hintersee-land route in the salt chamber property. Ideal area with baby lift (120 m) and towed lift (300 m) as well as three departure possibilities. Ski lift upper wood & Stüberl.
Ski fun for the whole family - in Faistenau, district wood is available all ski and Boardfans, at the head to our small winter sports fans, a ski slope appropriate for family with a towed lift and a baby lift.

The ski lifts are suitable for Snowboarder and skier and particularly for groups and school classes, and in every weather!

A special highlight is the Nachtschilaufen with floodlight which takes place on Friday.
For associations and Eager with Schirennfahr ones the possibility exists to use the slope for Trainigszwecke by the hour. Suitable devices offer for this the best conditions.

Upper wood is provided in the Liftstüberl for bodily welfare!

Oberwaldweg 7, 5324 Faistenau
Tel.: +43 / (0) 676/6149301

Contact Zonă de schi Oberwaldlift Faistenau

Oberwaldlift Faistenau
Oberwaldweg 7, A-5324 Faistenau

+43 (0)676 6149301
Telefon pentru salvamont
+43 (0)676 6149301
+43 (0)6228 2322
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