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Blons, whose village name means small plain, is situated in the middle of the sunny southern slope of the valley.

Walking and hiking trails lead up to the Walseralpe Sera, where you can look over the shoulders of the dairyman in the summer months. The community center of Blons impresses with its modern wooden architecture and houses a small avalanche documentation. The avalanche paths are a reminder of the avalanche catastrophe in 1954. Blons is home to Vorarlberg's only doll and toy museum, which allows a look back at the diverse world of toys of times long past.

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Contact Blons

Verein Großes Walsertal Tourismus
Boden 34, A-6731 Sonntag

+43 5554 5150
+43 5550 203604
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Lacuri Blons
Trasee montane Activităţi estivale
  • Faschina / Fontanella
    16.06.2022 - 11.09.2022 (1 Lift)
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