Six palaces, many sacral monuments, churches and chapels, scenic spots and a bird reserve are the distinctive features of Zaprešić region – the northwestern “Gates” of Zagreb County and the Republic of Croatia. This region borders with the Krapina-Zagorje County and the Republic of Slovenia. It is situated between the Zagreb Mountain in the east, the river Sutla in the west, the river Sava in the south and the river Krapina in its lowlands region. Some 50.000 people live in the area that takes up 252 square kilometres. The area includes the town of Zaprešić, municipalities Brdovec, Bistra, Jakovlje, Pušća, Marija Gorica, Dubravica and Luka.

The town of Zaprešić is regional centre situated 17 km west of Zagreb, at 130 m above sea level. It lies on major regional road, and international railway connecting Zagreb and Ljubljana. Over 26.000 people live in Zaprešić and work in various industries including the dominating production of pottery, porcelain and glassware, chemical industry and the production of industrial gas.

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