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History, art, culture, traditions, the environment, nature, fine food and wine, are the riches that make Tirano a "city of art", precious and unique in its location in the centre of the Alps.

Tirano is a crossroad of culture between Italy and Switzerland, where the beauty of the Alpine landscape meets the beauty of art and history. Since 2008 Tirano has been known a Slow City and, as since 2010 it has been City of Wine, but above all, it is a “point of
arrival and departure” of one of the most fascinating and admired heritages of the UNESCO: the Bernina Express.

We are very proud of all this and are happy to live it every day. That is why we want to introduce to you our City and live it with you.

We wish you a pleasant stay and we welcome you to Tirano!


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Contact Tirano

Tirano I.A.T
Piazza delle Stazioni, I-23037 Tirano

+39 0342 706066
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