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Savoie Mont Blanc

Les 3 Vallées

1.300 - 3.200m
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Les 3 Vallées also has numerous attractions to offer in summer.

Bungypump Courchevel
New activity accessible to all, whose basic technique is that of Nordic walking. The idea is to walk with poles equipped with a pump. It allows to associate walking, and muscle building exercises!

Bicycle path - Col de la Loze Courchevel & Méribel
Exclusively dedicated to bicycles, mountain bikes and other non-polluting machines, the bike path of Les 3 Vallées is a real revolution since it allows a completely free connection between the resorts of Courchevel and Méribel by the Col de la Loze 2 304m altitude.

MTB track DH Méribel
Creation of the Red Line, the big sister of the mythical Blue Line: a red DH runway with big jumps From the summit Tougnète!

Walk barefoot Brides-les-Bains
Resuming contact with the earth, drawing step by step the energy of nature to get fresh ideas, this is the new walking practice initiated by Céline, sports host of the Tourist Office!

All terrain electric scooters Les Menuires
Discover the most beautiful landscapes thanks on the all-terrain electric scooter.

Downhill scooter Les Menuires
Green, blue, red … the many mountain bike tracks of descent are to hit this summer scooter all terrain.

Easy Drone Les Menuires
Cyril, monitor and pro pilot, proposes for child and adult drone piloting workshop in initiation / development to learn the basics of piloting and aerial shooting (videos / photos) on 2 DJI drones.

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Contact Les 3 Vallées

Société des 3 Vallées
378 avenue des Belleville, FR-73602 Moutiers Cedex

+33 479 240777
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