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Arabba - Marmolada

1.602 - 2.600m
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Arabba - Marmolada

1.602 - 2.600m

Arabba, heart of the Dolomites, offers unforgettable days spent in the surrounding mountains.

Relaxing walks, excursions, mountain bike tours or simply doing nothing and enjoying the magical atmosphere of the woods, which are very close to the village. There is a lot to do in the day time and evening, far away from the chaotic traffic in cities.

You will spend delightful moments in an unspoiled nature, immersed in Ladin tradition together with the people that are closest to you.

An impressive mountain range frames the enchanting valleys where every glance sweeps across the high and eminent peaks of the Dolomites. Mountain walks, bubbling streams, vivid colours, sounds of nature and the serene forests bring the mind into perfect harmony combining the real and imaginary.

Many small unique villages make up the Livinallongo municipality. These communities are surrounded by typical alpine flora and fauna and it is thanks to these excellent natural elements that it forms part of the European project “Rete Natura 2000”.

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Contact Arabba - Marmolada

Arabba Fodom Turismo
Via Mesdì 66/A-B Arabba, I-32020 Livinallongo

+39 0436 780019
+39 0436 780019
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