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BERGFEX: Zonă de schi Obří sud Javorník - Concediu pentru schi Obří sud Javorník - Wintersportgebiet Obří sud Javorník

Zonă de schi Obří sud Javorník

Zonă de schi Obří sud Javorník

The modern ski lift in the Sports Area Obří sud Javorník in the village Jeřmanice was built in 2010. The ski lift is equipped with a starting track which makes getting on the chairlift with skis more comfortable. There is also the safety triangle to prevent children from falling through the bar. One chair on the lift is specially equipped for carrying disabled persons.

Not far from the ski lift there is 900 meter long blue line downhill ski course (where we have the possibility to put technical snow if necessary) and a Skipark. All the courses in the area are maintained by a modern PARKBULLY machine.

Source: Home page of the ski resort

Contact Zonă de schi Obří sud Javorník

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+42 (0)488 570 520
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