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Zone de schi Elveţia centrală

Zonă de schi Klewenalp - Stockhütte

774 - 2.001m
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Klewenalp - Stockhütte

774 - 2.001m

Planul pistelor Zonă de schi Klewenalp - Stockhütte
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Kinder gratis ********************* Kinder bis und mit 15 Jahren reisen in Begleitung eines Eltern-/Grosselterteils mit der Luftseilbahn Beckenried-Klewenalp und der Gondelbahn Emmetten-Stockhütte gratis! SeniorenHit (Montag - Freitag) ************************************ Bahnfahrt retour mit der Luftseilbahn oder Gondelbahn inkl. Senioren-Mittagsmenü in den Berggasthäusern StockHütte (Mo - Fr) und KlewenStube 1600 (Mi - Fr) nur CHF 29.50 / mit GA CHF 15.00 Foxtrail ************** Start [...]

Lifturi Klewenalp - Stockhütte


Timpi de acţionare Iarna

12.12.2020 - 04.04.2021
08:00 - 18:00

Fahrplan Luftseilbahn Beckenried-Klewenalp Täglich 08:05 – 18:05 Uhr (alle 20 Minuten)

Fahrplan Gondelbahn Emmetten-Stockhütte
Täglich 08:15 – 17:30 Uhr durchgehend in Betrieb
Letzte Bergfahrt 17:15 Uhr

Piste Klewenalp - Stockhütte

15 km
25 km
fără informaţii
40 km

Zonă de schi Klewenalp - Stockhütte

The snow paradise Klewenalp-Stockhütte is easily accessible. The valley stations in Beckenried and Emmetten are situated directly on the highway A2 Luzern-Chiasso, about 15 minutes south of Luzern, exit Beckenried. Park your cars in our parking areas or travel comfortably by ship, train or post bus to Beckenried. In only 10 minutes you are in a winter sport resort of singular beauty which offers ideal winter conditions for everybody.

For the first time this winter snowboarders can enjoy a great terrain park. Skiers will have a wonderful time on our well-prepared slopes. Take a break at our snow bar and enjoy the unique panorama of the Vierwaldstätter Lake and the surrounding mountains. Get tanned in our deck chairs. Also hikers find perfect conditions at the Klewenalp-Stockhütte.

The winter walks from the Klewenalp to the Stockhütte are prepared all winter long. The 9 km long varied toboggan-run is the longest in central Switzerland. In good snow and weather conditions you can enjoy tobogganing on the Klewenalp and Stockhütte at night.

As you see, there's always something going on here. For further information: +41 (0)41 620 62 62, or

We are looking forward to your visit!

Contact Zonă de schi Klewenalp - Stockhütte

Klewenalp - Stockhütte
Kirchweg 27, CH-6375 Beckenried

+41 41 624 6600
Telefon pentru salvamont
+41 41 6246600
Pagina de acasă
Trasee montane Uniune turistică

Timpi de acţionare Vară

29.05.2021 - 01.11.2021
Număr Lifturi

Fahrplan Luftseilbahn Beckenried-Klewenalp
Montag-Sonntag: 08.25 – 17.25 Uhr alle 20 Minuten

Fahrplan Luftseilbahn Emmetten-Stockhütte
Montag-Freitag: 09.00 - 12.00 / 13.15 -17.30 Uhr
Samstag & Sonntag: 08.30 - 17.30 Uhr

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