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BERGFEX: Zonă de schi Ebenalp-Horn - Concediu pentru schi Ebenalp-Horn - Wintersportgebiet Ebenalp-Horn

Zonă de schi Ebenalp-Horn


900 - 1.726m

Planul pistelor Zonă de schi Ebenalp-Horn

Noutăţi Ebenalp-Horn

  • Magic Carpet in the children area at ski lift Horn in Schwende
  • Snow shoe route with a spectacular view on the Alpstein
  • Hornli Course on Ebenalp
  • Children area including a rope lift on Ebenalp
  • Local ski school with trained ski instructors - single and group teaching
  • Every Tuesday and Friday evening from 19:00 - 21:30, Skiing with artificial light, special experience guaranteed
  • At ski lift Horn in Schwende, two pistes with artificial snow

Zonă de schi Ebenalp-Horn

The comprehensible ski resort Ebenalp-Horn encompasses a cable car and three ski lifts. Around 10 km pistes offer a wide variation of slopes for every level. The family oriented resort provides two areas for kids including a magic carpet and two rope lifts. In "Hornli's Kinderlands" at the top of the mountain and at the ski lift Horn in the valley you can learn to ski. A local ski school with trained ski instructors offers ski lessons in groups as well as private ski lessons.

One restaurant on the top of the mountain and two bistros offer a vide variation of local food as well as small snacks.

For pedestrians, the ski resort Ebenalp-Horn offers on the valley floor many walking paths. On the mountain you can find in addition a small snowshoe route where a spectacular view to the Alpstein is guaranteed. The snow shoes are provided free of charge.

The resort Ebenalp-Horn is a real alternative to the crowded large ski resorts and offers affordable pricing.

Contact Zonă de schi Ebenalp-Horn

Zonă de schi Ebenalp-Horn

Luftseilbahn Wasserauen- Ebenalp
Schwendetalstrasse 82, CH-9057 Wasserauen

+41 (0)71 7991212
Telefon pentru salvamont
+41 (0)71 799 12 12
+41 (0)71 7991213
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