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Val di Zoldo - Passo Cibiana di Cadore - Peronaz di Selva di Cadore
Welcome in the cross-country ski region "PelmoSkiCivetta" with its fantastic valleys and villages.

Val di Zoldo
The Palafavera track is located in the community of Zoldo Alto at an altitude of 1,550 metres. There are circular tracks of 5 km and 7.5 km of medium difficulty, which are suitable for athletes and families. At the beginning, the route leads a long a flat and sunny plain; later on it features uphill and downhill sections of medium difficulty.
There are numerous parking spots at the Civetta Ski Centre. Certified for national competitions. The Campo-Forno di Zoldo track (845 m of altitude and circular track of 1.2 km of length) is floodlit at night time and also features an artificial snow-making system. The Pralongo - Forno di Zoldo track (975 m of altitude) is a circular track of 6 km and is suitable for classic style competitions.

Passo Cibiana
The Deona track Cibiana Pass is located in the community of Cibiana di Cadore at an altitude of 1,530 m between the Cadore and the Zoldo valleys. You can choose from several routes: floodlit circular track of 2 km of medium difficulty for those who love to exercise at night time. Circular tracks of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7.5 km of length of medium difficulty. The routes lead around Forcella Cibiana, first along the province road 347 and afterwards through the forest with many demanding uphill and downhill sections. The tracks are certified for national competitions.

Peronaz di Selva di Cadore
The Peronaz cross-country centre is located at 1,600 m above sea level at the bottom of Monte Pelmo (3,168 m) at the Rifugio Aquileia Hut, 2 km from the Civetta ski resort in Selva di Cadore. The tracks are suitable for beginners, ski school, families and athletes and feature lengths of 2-3-5-7.5-10 and 12 km. The cross-country centre offers everything you need from changing rooms, showers, WC, ski rental, repair room, ski room to ski school. The quiet and idyllic position makes this region a paradise for cross country ski.


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