Baumkircher´s turn

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Baumkircher´s turn, Vipava

In Vipava Herlih Kranseperger built a towery castle in the direct vicinity of a stone bridge over the river Vipava and patriarch's lower castle in 1342. In 1386 Herman I. of Celje bought it from Knight Haertl.

When the ownership of the castle passed from the Aquillean patriarchs to the Hapsburgs, Knights Baumkircher got it and at that time it got the name Baumkircher turn.

The family owned the castle until 1742, when Baron Andrej Baumkircher, who began the conspiracy of the Styrian nobility against the Emperor, got beheaded in Graz. Various provincial counts' administrators and tenants ran it after that. Sir Anton Lanthieri bought the castle Baumkircher turn and the estate Vipava in 1533 and the family owned it until the end of the World War I.

A small part of the building, a part of the walls with a stone portal and Lanthieri's coat of arms (the year 1653 is carved into it) with a round defence tower above it are still preserved.


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