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Welcome to the region Sondrio Valmalenco!

Sondrio and Valmalenco are located in the heart of Valtellina, between the northern Rhaetian Alps and the Orobie Pre-Alps in the south. The valley begins in Valmalenco Sondrio and extends over 15 km north towards the Piz Bernina. Its main town is Chiesa in Valmalenco and it includes the municipalities of Berbenno and Colorina on the borders of the district of Morbegno and the communities Castello dell'Acqua and Chiuro on the border with Tirano.

In the center of the region lies the town of Sondrio as the capital of the province - which is presented by a symbiosis of palaces of different historical styles, by discrete narrow streets and beautiful noble mansions. Sondrio is located on the banks of the Adda and is the ideal starting point to discover the surrounding with its mountains up to the 4,050 m high Piz Bernina, which is the highest peak in the eastern Alps.

Next to the beautiful natural landscapes with its rich colors in summer, also the modern ski resorts in Valmalenco attracts the guests in winter. Above the Adda on the narrow panoramic terraces, with views of the valley, you can find the well protected vineyards between rock and forest. Here grows the famous wine which blends very well with the healthy and wholesome dishes such as the famous pizzoccheri Valtellina.

The Region Sondrio and Valmalenco provides a wide range of opportunities to immerse themselves in the region and to spend a wonderful holiday. There are interesting cuisine- as well as wine-tours, which also make it possible to get to know the history of these places and to come into contact with the culture, the hospitable people and the wild nature.

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Contact Sondrio Valmalenco

Consorzio Turistico Sondrio e Valmalenco
Località Vassalini, I-23023 Chiesa Valmalenco

+39 0342 451150
+39 0342 454514
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