Idrosee / Val Sabbia

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Idrosee / Val Sabbia

The variegated morphology of the valleys of Val Sabbia is marked by the course of the river Churches. The lake of Idro, wonderful lake of the Pre-Alps, is set in the neighbouring mountains with the Trentine one.

The countries, the villages, the beauties of the rural architecture tell the history about the people, the traditions and the life consciousness in a still enchanted nature, rich in green one, in limpid waters and prosperous of places where the emotions can find the comfort of the quiet and the course of the time asserts his white ones and his stained settings in all the seasons.

Environment and Nature
The intense perfumes of the resin and of the flowers are scattered by the green alpine pastures in the blue one, go down down lapping the limpid waters of the lake of Idro, follow the course of the river He asked to draw a land rich in emotions where fauna and flora find their ideal habitat.

The naturalist reserves and the parks keep a nature to be discovered in feet point, to listen to a throb of wings or the light breath of a young roe put down with care in the shade of the rhododendrons.

Summer & winter sports
To fly, to have to carry the wind, walk on enchanting paths, to plough the ancient roads with the mountain bike, to feel the reverberation of the snow on the face, the own prints to leave on the fresh snow to the setting, to be in the water pagaiando or swimming, to climb in sure roads or on the ice that reflects the colours of the rainbow, are all possibilities to live moving in the nature of the valley.

Quelle: www.vallesabbia.info/2015/Territor.htm

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Trento 16, I-25074 Idro

+39 0365 83224
+39 0365 83224
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