Thusis / Heinzenberg

720 - 2.200m
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**Thusis / Heinzenberg - the land of soul magic**.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the Thusis/Heinzenberg region, however, beauty can be experienced with all the senses - as pure soul magic.

When the gaze glides over the gentle heights of the Heinzenberg, the soul expands and a feeling of happiness flows through the body. But when your gaze falls into the depths of the terrifyingly beautiful Viamala Gorge, the elemental force of nature sends a slight shiver down your spine.

The Thusis/Heinzenberg region is an emotional landscape. Picturesquely beautiful hills and the deepest gorge darkness make it possible to experience existence here in all its diversity. And yet the basic feeling is always one. You can call it soul magic. Or simply the amazement of being in the midst of wonderful nature.


Evaluare 4,5
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Contact Thusis / Heinzenberg

Viamala Tourismus
Bodenplatz, CH-7435 Splügen

+41 81 6509030
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