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BERGFEX: Wellness-Sporthotel Ratschings: hotel Ratschings Ratschings -

Wellness-Sporthotel Ratschings

39040 Ratschings

Hiking in the Alps

A 4**** holiday in South Tyrol

An active summer vacation in the middle of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Racines is the ideal starting point for hiking and mountain biking. We offer guided hiking tours in our beautiful mountain region. We organize a comprehensive program for your summer holiday at Ratschings. Get in touch with the incredible mountain scenery and spend a great holiday.

Our 4****hotel is situated directly next to the hiking area Racines-Giovo. Visit us in South Tyrol and explore the hiking paradise we live in.

Spend the best days of the year here with us in South Tyrol. Enjoy the summer and the sun and breathe clean and healthy mountain air. Thanks to our extensive range of offers and activities, we are sure you will find the offer that best suits your needs. Immersed in a wonderful environment surrounded by a magnificent pass you will spend a beautiful summer at Ratschings.

Stroll through the unique landscape of Racines. With comfortable cabins, wonderful people and beautiful scenery you will feel great. Ratschings is an ideal starting point for hiking trips. We will carefully arrange your excursions. Try our special offers for hikers. Our guide will be happy to meet you and show you the mountains of South Tyrol.

Oferte Vară Wellness-Sporthotel Ratschings

EUR 1.195
7 Nopţi

concediu pentru drumeţie / concediu romantic / organizări de petreceri

Gültig de la 07.10.2018 până la 05.11.2018

începând de la EUR 1.570
7 Nopţi

concediu în familie / concediu pentru drumeţie / Pauşale de toamnă

Gültig de la 07.10.2018 până la 04.11.2018

începând de la EUR 730
7 Nopţi

concediu activ / concediu pentru drumeţie / urcuşuri montane

Gültig de la 01.07.2018 până la 07.10.2018

EUR 692
7 Nopţi

concediu activ / concediu individual / concediu pentru drumeţie

Gültig de la 08.07.2018 până la 30.09.2018

începând de la EUR 956
7 Nopţi

cu paşaport pentru schiuri / organizări cu schi / Pauşale de iarnă

Gültig de la 06.01.2019 până la 03.02.2019

începând de la EUR 728
7 Nopţi

concediu pentru drumeţie / urcuşuri montane / Concediu cu ghid pentru drumeţii

Gültig de la 24.06.2018 până la 30.09.2018


  Sezon principal Vor-/Nebensaison Sezon principal Vor-/Nebensaison
Înnoptare/cazare - - - -
cu mic dejun € 90
până la € 110
€ 80
până la € 100
€ 83
până la € 89
€ 69
până la € 88
Mini - pensiune € 114
până la € 125
€ 95
până la € 108
€ 99
până la € 105
€ 85
până la € 94
All-inclusive - - - -

All our prices are per person and night in a double room and include our “pamper half-board“. Additionally we charge a visitor's tax per night and person. For a stay inferior to 3 days we charge 10% additionally (all year) - for stays on the weekend from Friday to Sunday we charge 15% additionally (during winter).

For your dog we charge 12 Euro per day without feed.
Discounts for children

For your children in double rooms we grant the following discounts:

0 – 3 years..............100% discount
4 – 9 years................50% discount
10 - 14 years...............30% discount
Over 15 years, or for an extra bed in the double room.............10% discount

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