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Maria Luggau


Maria Luggau is the religious center of the valley and a popular and well beyond the borders of Carinthia also known place of pilgrimage. Sun widely known this remote and wildly beautiful piece of mountain nature since his emergence as a place of pilgrimage in the 16th Century, is so unknown and unnamed, it was before. Especially recommended is a visit to the mills: the 5 old water mills are still used for grinding, the mill museum there to see farmer's tool, and Brechelstube of the water are also worth seeing. A movie is in the "peasant cinema" in the guide (every Friday at 10 clock) is shown. The round closes with the historical village (painting and planning), the Basilica (the only one in Carinthia), the monastery and the farm shop. In the last 60 farmers sell their products.

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Tourismusverband Lesachtal
Liesing 29, A-9653 Liesing

+43 (0)4716 24212
+43 (0)4716 24220
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