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Metode pentru petrecerea timpului liber Kuchl

Themenweg "Kuchler Zeitreise"

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The themed loop road "Time Travelling in Kuchl" invites you to explore the history of our small town and savour from the beauty of the landscape around you!

This is a new way to discover the history of Kuchl. During the 2.5-
hour adventure hike, you will not only pass through the beauty
of nature set in a unique mountain landscape but also learn
interesting facts and trivia about the town of Kuchl. Nine info
panels provide you with detailed information and allow you to
immerse yourself in the history of our hometown. A variety of
puzzles keeps things fun. On the back of every info panel, you
can find a map of the circular tour to help you keep your bearings.
Stop off at one of our pleasant resting spots, enjoy the unique
natural landscape and the view and recharge your batteries.

If you like to use your smartphone as a tour guide,
the Kuchl Tourism Association has a very special surprise
for you. You can find QR codes on the info panels
that link to more detailed information and videos.
For the best experience, download a QR code scanner
from your app store, then open the scanner and
hold your camera in front of the QR code.

Open all year-round (snow shovelling only partly).

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