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Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000

1.200 - 2.350m
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Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000

1.200 - 2.350m


One of the most beautiful and sunniest high plateaus in the country awaits you above the valley basin of Merano (1,200 – 2,350 metres). The magnificent mountain backdrop of the Merano mountains, the Ortler group and the Dolomite Mountains make your heart beat faster! A lot of sunshine, fresh mountain air and a mild climate invite you to enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

Hafling ranges from 1,250 to 1,600 metres in altitude and is located only 10 kilometres from the spa town of Merano. Lush meadows, forests and well-groomed fields characterize the landscape. The place is known as the homeland of the famous Haflinger horse and offers sights from several epochs.

The village is located at 1,200 metres above sea level, nestled amidst the forests and pastures of a sun-blessed plateau between Bolzano and Merano. Easily accessible by car or cable car, Vöran is wellknown for its rock cinema “Knottnkino”, the three tuff knolls and the old hay barns with thatch roofs.

Between 1,600 and 2,350 m of altitude hiking friends, families and sports enthusiasts will find a real nature- and leisure time paradise. The skiing and hiking area Merano 2000 is among the most beautiful and sunniest of the entire Merano region and offers a multitude of outdoor activities and impressive mountain scenery.

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Metode pentru petrecerea timpului liber Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000

Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000
Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000
Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000
Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000

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