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Valley of the Alms - 40 mountain huts

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The Grossarl Valley is renowned for its multitude of mountain huts (alms) open to the public, which give the valley its nickname "Valley of the Alms". You can experience "hospitality near the heaven" when you stop for refreshment in one of the 40 mountain huts on a walk or bike tour in the Grossarl Valley.

Whilst all is still quiet down in the valley, the mountain hut owners are very busy. First seeing to the animals, then processing the milk. It's a long and busy day.

As there is still tranquility in the valley, the people on the mountain have a lot to do. First they take care of the animals, then they make butter and cheese out of the fresh milk. In all, it's a quite busy day on the mountain huts.

Then the people pamper the hikers and bikers with their self-made delicacies like bread, cheese, bacon, sausages and of course a schnaps.

If you decide to stay on the mountain hut, you will experience a cosy evening.

In Grossarl Valley, there are more than 400 km hiking paths - for sure, there is the right hiking path for everyone.

On the most of the mountain huts it is also possible to stay overnight.

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