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Snowpark Patscherkofel

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Snowpark Patscherkofel

Innsbruck Igls - Patscherkofel

For years, the Snowpark Patscherkofel has been a hotspot for the Innsbruck freestyle scene and an insider tip for guests from all over the world.
With the new cable car 2017, the snow park is redesigned and rebuilt.

The first seasons 2017/18 and 18/19 were a great success! Season 2019/20 is again given gas! The Snowpark opens at the beginning of the new year, at the latest.
In the sunny area above Innsbruck there are simple boxes and tubes, but also very sophisticated and creative rail and tubelines.

We are more than just a snowpark, but also a place for creative and motivated people. It's important for us to feel good up here, no matter how old, where you come from, or how good you ride. Everybody is welcome, as long as you take care and show each other.
I f you need motivation or tips, just ask someone and always get help, our Snowpark team is always happy help you!

The Snowpark is divided into three sections.

The upper part offers some freestyle beginner obstacles and a chill area with interesting hike elements. Directly after is the heart of the Snowpark located at a short drag lift. Here there are some more advanced obstacles and larger features.

A forest track with rails, tubes and small hips and a short extension of the third section, which connects to the middle station of the New Gondola.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Bring respect, fun, and love with you.
For praise, criticism or questions, the shapers of the Snowpark are always open.

Further information on Instagram: @ snowparkpatscherkofel Facebook: "Snowpark Patscherkofel"

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Werte Gäste! Bitte beachten Sie, dass ab 15.02.2021 eine Testpflicht für Wintersportler auf Skipisten in Kraft ist. Das Mitführen eines negativen COVID-Tests (Antigen, PCR, nicht älter als 48 Stunden) ist verpflichtend. Ausgenommen von dieser Regelung sind Kinder bis zum vollendeten 10. Lebensjahr sowie Personen, die in den vergangenen sechs Monaten mit dem Coronavirus infiziert waren (ärztliche Bestätigung notwendig). Stichprobenartige Kontrollen werden von den Gesundheitsbehörden [...]
Betriebszeiten: 8.30 - 16.00 Uhr

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