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Golte hotel & mountain resort: Skiing with Ana Drev - Golte


Golte hotel & mountain resort: Skiing with Ana Drev

1 year ago

Golte hotel & mountain resort: Skiing with Ana Drev

1 year ago

Check out the story of Ana Drev, ambassador of Golte hotel & mountain resort.

I am Ana Drev, the ambassador of Golte ski resort. Welcome to the Golte.

At Golte I have made my first ski turns, right on this track, when I was 5 years old. Since then I regularly return back. First as a member of the home ski club and later as a member of the national ski team. This also helped me to maintain the form throughout all these years.

Good skiing qualities are surely to spend a lot of time in nature, I like the winter and the cold, so I feel really cozy at this environement. All the rest is similar to all sports, you have to train a lot and work hard.

I love nature and fresh air, I am sports person and I am glad that I was focused on this sport. In every sport, the story of renunciation and hard work is very similar and that is that you have to have work habits.

I have learned that without hard work, there is no success in other areas also. I think that skiing is a real sport for me because I like everything in it completely.

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